If you don't know where to start with content and optimising your website to be found on search engines - look no further. Here you will find all the "extra services" which we at Itseeze North Devon can provide for you to get your website up and running and found on Google and other main search engines quickly.  
Itseeze North Devon offer "Extra Services" incl full content write up - copy write, page specific SEO for high ranking websites, alt tags, links,Social Media set up and genuine, helpful marketing advice. 
Simply choose which services you would like us to take care of for you and we will add it to your order this way you only pay for what you want. 
We have flexible payment options available and all of our "extra services" can be purchased at any time. 

Google Friendly Copywrite including Page Title & Description and Optimised Header Tags.(SEO) 

You may think writing all the copy for a website is a daunting task, you may just not have the time to do it, you may have no idea what to or how to write the content, and you may just want someone who knows about SEO to write it for you. Whatever the case is this is where we can help you with our "Google friendly" copy-writing. 
We will write the copy for your initial 5 or 10 page website for you. Not only will we write the copy, we will ensure it is "Google friendly" using the most relevant keywords. Each page will include: 
Optimised Header Tags 
A Unique Page Title 
A Unique Page Description  
This will help you be found faster on search engines. 
We will write "Google friendly" content from scratch for your initial 5 or 10 page website package. We will do this by using any materials you can provide to help us and then source further relevant content for you. The more Information/material you can provide us to work from, the easier it will be for us to write good quality, relevant, content for your website. 
This service also includes free changes to your website for 2 weeks after you have received the first copy of the content 
before your website goes live.* 
£50 + vat per page (up to 10 pages) 
( Client to supply all images). 

Fading Images (Editable) 

The image header can be placed anywhere on the site and will roll through 5 different images of your choice, showing each in turn to the visitor.  
You can easily change these images at any time to keep your website looking fresh. 
Great for website headers to catch peoples eye and show off all your various services etc.* 
£50 + vat (payable at sign up) 
"Page Specific" Fading Images Header (EDITABLE) 
The "PAGE SPECIFIC" image header will be on every page on your site and will roll through 5 different images of your choice showing images that are appropriate to each pages content ie: a choice of your products and services, and will be a different 5 images on each page. 
You can easily change these images at any time to keep your website looking fresh. 
£150 + vat 
(Client to supply all images) 

Extra Pages  

Extra page (above the initial 5 or 10 pages) designed and added to your site either during the design process or once your website is live. Page to include page creation, copywrite, Seo, Image Alt tags,and any links required.* 
£65 + vat per page 

Links to Facebook / LinkedIn / Trip Advisor 

During the build of your site we will add in any links to your website including social media- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Trip Advisor etc. 
However if after your website is live, you require us to add any additional links for you will be charged ... 
£20 + vat per half an hour. 

Logo Design 

Our designers can help you design and create the perfect logo for your business. 
The price can vary depending on the amount of work required and the complexity of the logo. 
£85 + vat - £350 + vat 

Language Translation Tool 

Enables visitors to your website to view the site in their chosen language...up to 53 different languages!  
Very useful for those who want to in larger cities or want to sell abroad. 
Image uploader Tool 
Available for max & Commerce sites we can add an image/file uploader to your your website to allow your users to send images or files direct through your wesbite. 
Both Tools are Free 
If requested at the time of your website build. 


If you require photography for your website we can provide this, or Helen will take fresh images for you. 
She is not a professional photographer, but uses an advance mobile camera to take crisp images for you, which will save you money paying a professional photographer. 
£50 + vat per hour 

Alt Tags 

Alt tags (alternative text / keywords) behind every image. 
Google is blind so when your images are optimised, they will be seen by all major search engines thus giving your site an even better chance of ranking above your competitors!* 
£10 + vat per page 


Included in the initial website build cost you will receive a 1hr free training session at our office in Barnstaple.  
We also provide 24/7 on line support all year round on your site and via Itseeze Youtube support videos. 
If however you would like your 1hr training to take place at your premises we charge £40 + vat per hour. 

Ecommerce category set up 

Set up of 10 main categories pages including SEO on all category pages. £100 + vat 
Additional categories - £10 each + vat 
Set up of sub categories - £10 each + vat 
NB: Please note this price does not include product population. 

Product listing prices  BASIC PRODUCT LISTING Up to 50 products. Each product will include product name, description, price & up to 1 image. £100 + vat Additional products at £2 each + vat  ADVANCED PRODUCT LISTING Up to 50 products. Each product will include on page seo (title & description), Product name, description, price & up to 4 images of each item.  £200 + vat  N.B. Customer to supply product name, product description, product image and price. 

Changes after your website goes live 

The system is self editing allowing you do to the changes easily yourself for free. 
However If you would like us to do them for you we can do this at a small cost. 
From £20 + vat  
Half Hour for basic text changes 
From £40 + vat per hour for all other work. 
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