Blogs are a strong tool in your arsenal for getting your website found but most website owners don't utilitze them to their full potential including us!  
There are three main points you need to know about blogs and how they can benefit your website.  
You might be in the position where you don't have a blog but are thinking of starting one or you might have a blog and post on it regularly. Either way lets imagine that you are thinking of starting a blog post about "subjects people can write about on their website". We will go through how this post will benefit you. 
They help your website be found on search engines 
When posting about subjects people can write about on their blogs, on your blog, you are creating new content for your website. This content might be found on the search engines by people searching for subjects for blog posts which means there is more chance of people finding your website on the search engines than there was before writing your post.  
The success of your blog post does depend largely on the quality of what you have written and this is one of the key points of blogs; 
Posting high quality information about subject ideas for blog posts means people reading your post will get what they are looking for from it. When people get the information they want there is a better chance of them returning to you in the future for any other information on the subject. They may even recommend you to a friend or link to your post from their website which will help you even further with your search engine rankings.  
Give people a reason to come back to your website 
When people know you are posting regularly and are interested in what you have to say you are giving them a reason to revisit your website. Then in the future when that person wants or needs what you provide they are likely to come to you for it first as they trust you. So, if someone is looking for a subject to write about on their website they are likely to come to you first after reading your post! 
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