You have many options available to you when looking to create a new website for your business. You can look to create a free template based website on one of the many free website creators or you can have someone design a website for you. Whatever you choose to do you will need to have the following. 
1. Copy 
You'll need to write the text that's going to appear on your website or have someone do it for you. This is something a lot of people overlook when creating a website, especially free websites, and it can be very time consuming. 
2. Images 
This one's a bit more obvious, but, you need images for your website. This can be photos you have taken or you can acquire images from stock image websites among other options. When picking images you need to be aware of copyright laws, in short, don't just go and take any old image from a Google image search as you may find yourself being sued later down the line. 
3. Design Ideas 
You will need an idea of what you want your website to look like. If you build the website yourself this will help you in the longrun as you don't want to be changing your mind and having to redo things multiple times. When you work with a designer it will help you get the results you want by providing design ideas and finding websites you like the look of. 
Guiding you through the process 
With an it'seeze website you will receive the help and support to guide you through the process of building a website. We'll ask you the questions needed to find out what you want from a website. With it'seeze North Devon we can even write the copy for your website saving you time and writing it in a way which is Google friendly. We can also provide high quality imagery to use on the website which you can be confident is suitable. 
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